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Go lightly from the ledge, babe. Go lightly on the ground.

Much like myself, this page is a work in progress.

  • Wanna find me?
    Email laura@girlsaresmarter.com.
    I'm laurasmurfy on AIM.
    On IRC I might be L0ra. But I doubt it.

  • This page is seriously out of date. I now have 2 kids - and that makes me really busy.
  • I am a Mommy! Read all about my baby at 1percentbaby.com or see pictures here.

  • I am also about to become a homeowner! See pictures here

  • I'm having a baby!

  • Rick & I got married on 6/7/8.
    Click here to view.

  • Cancun vacation, May 2008
    Click here to view.

  • Total Beauty Dodgers/Mets Game Night (5/6/08)
    Click here to view.

  • PICS: Christmas Vacation: Cruise to Bahamas & Disney World
    Click here to view.

  • PICS: My niece Lizzie! Born 11/30/07.
    Click here to view.

  • PICS: Total Beauty had me done up in the latest runway Spring '08 fashion makeup. (11/29/07)
    Click here to view.

  • PICS: New York, November 2007
    Click here to view.

  • PICS: Fall 2007
    Click here to view.

  • PICS: From Vegas Hacker Week 2007
    Click here to view.

  • PICS: From my 3-week European Summer Vacation 2007
    Click here to view.

  • PHOTOS: Coachella & Charles' Bachelor Party, April '07
    Click here to view.

  • PHOTOS: Hawaii for Jamie's Birthday, March '07
    Click here to view.

  • PHOTOS: Christmas in LA, NYE in Las Vegas
    Click here to view.

  • PHOTOS: From Jamie living w/ me, Thanksgiving in Vegas, London in December.
    Click here to view.

  • PHOTOS: From the Birthday Wine Tour: July 3, 2006
    Click here to view.

  • PHOTO ALBUM: From all my travels, here are some of my best pictures. Enjoy!
    Click here to view.

  • WEBCAM: My new MacBook has a WebCam built in. I'll try to take pictures now and then and upload them to share.
    Click here to see (6/2006)

  • PICTURES: In Malibu with Alexis, then dinner party at my place.
    Click here to see (6/19/2006)

  • PICTURES: Of my new home in West Hollywood, of my day trip to Sea World with Tina, of San Francisco with Jennie (Domaine Chandon), of the cats (including new Josie) and of my friend Alison's bedroom.
    Click here to see (5/2006)

  • PICTURES: From San Simeon, Hearst Castle, Seal-watching, wine-tasting and a hike by Palm Springs.
    Click here to see (2/2006)

  • NEWS TO KNOW: Stop the Canadian Seal hunt in March!

  • I took a trip to Chicago to see Kyle and Jacob while they were there on work. (1/2006)
    Click here to see some pictures.

  • I've been slow to post recent pictures.
    Click here to see stuff from November, 2005 - January, 2006.
    This includes my trip to Panama, to Florida for Christmas, around LA at New Year's and with my brother and sister-in-law visiting.

  • NEWS TO KNOW: 28 Year Old Reporter Jill Carroll Abducted in Iraq.(1/7/2006)
    Read more.

  • An LA housewarming. (11/21/2005)
    Here's some pictures.

  • We went to Tijuana (11/2005)
    Here's some pictures.

  • Happy Halloween! I spent October with friends and at the Ponte Vineyard (10/2005)
    Here's some pictures & details.

  • I took a day off to go to the beach in Santa Monica. (09/2005)
    Here's some pictures.

  • For Labor Day I went to Tijuana with my friend Tina, who I met in Rome.
    Here's some pictures.

  • In August I visited NY but mainly hung at home in LA.
    Here's some pictures. (8/2005)

  • I love Vegas.
    Here's some pictures. (7/2005)

  • I was living in Rome.
    Check out my Roman Journal!! (8/2004 - 12/2004)

  • Jennie and I went to Las Vegas, like we do every year.
    See her pictures!

  • When spring was in the air, I went to see the Macy's Flower Show.

  • Cancun in January is better than New York in January.
    Check out the fun.

  • Had a great sail on Ed's boat, the Michaya, the other night.
    Here's some pictures of me and Costi.

  • Spent Mother's Day in Disney World.
    Here are some pictures.

  • May 2nd was the annual Sailor's Ball.
    Here's some pictures, compliments of Ed.

  • On August 4th, I went to the Teen Choice Awards.
    Here are pictures of some of the stars who were there.
    And here are pictures from Vegas & the TCA, from Jennie.
    August 21, 2002

  • I learned how to sail over Memorial Day Weekend.
    I have some pictures from sailing class.
    And after joining the MYC, I also went sailing one Sunday (6/16).

  • In the June issue of FHM, I was one of the couch-girls. You can see it here (large scan).
    May 9, 2002

  • Here are some older pictures of me, trips to Vegas and etc.

  • In memoriam. R.I.P Ed.
    November 6, 2001

  • If you haven't already, you can see my WTC pictures from 9/11.
    September 11, 2001

  • Finally, if you've made it this far, why not read some of the papers I wrote at NYU.
    - Playing President: Presidential Representations During the Clinton Era. (May, 2002)
    - Film/Novel Adaptation: Primary Colors. (May, 2002)
    - The Hitchcock Beneath What Lies Beneath (December, 2001)
    - To Like or Not to Like American Pie (December, 2001)
    - What is an Auteur? (July, 2001)
    - Exploring Genre (July, 2001)
    - Saving Private Ryan: Achieving Realism Through Reference. (May, 2001)
    - COPPA Compliance & gURL.com (May, 2001)
    - Panel presentation on Alternative Auteurs (March, 2001)
    - George Stevens' War films (December, 2000)
    - NeoNoir in The Last Seduction (December, 2000)

This page, this domain and, in my opinion, the whole world, is under the constant control and influence of laura@girlsaresmarter.com. Right on!